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High Pressure PU Foam Machine

1. The high pressure PU foam machine adopts measure pump, so this machine has slow speed and high precision. Even if the temperature is changing, pressure and viscosity will not change then mixed proportion.
2. This steel construction machine has many advantages, especially having advanced pour point structure and others are reliable performance, convenient operation, and easy maintenance. With these advantages, this kind of high pressure polyurethane foam machine can be moved in the direction of front, back, left, right upper and below.
3. This machinery is also equipped with PLC to improve its automatic ability.

This high pressure polyurethane foam machine is used to produce horniness and semi-horniness, such as instrument plate, cold locker, active cold storage board, etc.

High Pressure PU Foam Machine

Technical Specification:
1) Main pump motor power: 15kW x 2
2) Mixing motor power: 0.55kW (installed inside A tank)
3) Hydraulic pump motor power: 2.2kW
4) Flux: 40-400kg per minute
5) Injecting time: 0.1-99.9s
6) Injecting pipe high pressure protected by pressure gauge with electric contact

7) Filters for Polyol and ISO glues: DN110 self-clean filter
8) Hydraulic station: hydraulic tank 20L, integrated with over-flow valve, safety valve, pressure gauge, discharge valve, electromagnetic valve, anti-shock pressure gauge, etc.
9) High pressure mixing head: developed by ourselves, high precision, hydraulic control, L type, self-clean, solvent free, life is more than 300 thousand times (if more than 300 thousand times, this head can be repaired and used again); Outer diameter of the nozzle: 24mm.
10) Temperature control system for tanks: the two tanks are heated by waters in the interlayer of the tanks; Equipped with two 2kW heaters; Electronic numeric displayer temperature controller is equipped to keep invariable temperature needed for glues.
11) Pressure pipes are chosen from Chinese domestic qualified supplier.
12) Auto-filling devices for two tanks: two self-absorbing pumps, motor power 1.5kW each.
13) Capacity of the tanks for polyurethane glue: 180 kg each
14) PLC automatic control: PLC programmable; Special PLC system from Chinese domestic which can save 99 programs.
15) Equipped piston type counting pump: adjusting accuracy 0.05%.
16) Generating pressure: 80-100MPa
17) Suspending arm length 2.5m, rotated in 270°, horizontal injecting or vertical injecting.
18) Dimension: Main body: about 1590 x 1200 x 2400mm
Tanks: 720 x 1550 x 2400mm
19) Weight: about 2500kg
Working Condition

Main Parameters
Raw materials Mixing ratio in weight Material temp,℃ Viscosity (cps) Density, (g/cm3)
Material A: polyol, foaming, agent, activator, equalizing agent, etc 100 20-25 <2000 1.1-1.4
Material B:MDI-semi-prepolymer 100-110 25-30 100-300 1.2

Model and Output Capacity

Main Parameters
NO Items/ Model SM20F-Y7 SM20F-Y8 SM20F-Y9 SM20F-Y10
1 Kg/min(g/s) Total pouring volume(kg/min)(kg/s) 60-180(1-3) 90-270(1.5-4.5) 150-450(2.5-7.5) 200-600(3.3-10)
2 Weight of product(kg) 5-60 10-90 15-120 20-200
3 Tank capacity(l) 200 300 500 800
4 r.p.m Revolving speed of blending(r.p.m) 6300 6300 4000-6000 4000-6000
5 Total power(kw) 20 30 40 50
6 Outline size, LxWxX(m) 2.2x3 2.5x2.5x3 3x3x3.5 3.5x3.5x3.5
7 Weight (kg) 1200 1500 2000 2500

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