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Ridge Tile Forming Machine

Unlimited Ridge Tile Forming Machine:
The unlimited ridge tile forming machine is divided into two kinds of machine, including ridge capping forming machine and unlimited ridge tile forming machine. 
1.Ridge Capping Forming Machine
This unlimited ridge tile forming machine specially applies to produce high quality steel ridge capping for steel stepped tile. Despite we have produced this kind of auxiliary equipment for over ten years; our engineers are still improving their skills to the higher standard.

Ridge Tile Forming Machine

The ridge forming machine consists of many components as follows:
Cold Roll Forming Machine: 1 set
Reel Type Uncoiler: 1 set
Rear-Cutter: 1 set
Crimping device: 1 set
Pre-Cutter: Optional  
Safety Guide (Optional) – emergency stop wire, PVC cover etc

1. This unlimited ridge tile forming machine is a professional machinery to produce the steel ridge capping.
2. The machinery is equipped with programmable logic controller (PLC), so the products are manufactured continuously. 
3. The data is directly input by the touch screen due to the man machine interface.
4. The unlimited ridge tile forming machine is also equipped with hydraulic drive, shear and crimping device, which greatly reduce the cost.
5. The clients’ requirements can be customized, too.
6. All the products enjoy 1 year warranty.

Technical Specification:
1 Thickness of Forming Sheet: 0.4 ~ 0.6 mm (Pre-painted steel).
2 Forming Speed: 4 ~ 6 M/min.
3 Roll Shaft Diameters: 60 mm.
4 Number of Station: 8 ~ 10 sets.
5 Main Motor: 7.5 HP.
6 Complete with mandrel type uncoiler and hydraulic cutting device.
7 Complete with one set of crimping mold.
8 This machine is controlled by computer system with touch screen.
2.Unlimited Ridge Tile Forming Machine
This unlimited ridge tile forming machine can use the unlimited length to press the ridge tile. As a result, some phenomena can be avoided, such as leakage of rain and breakage at the places of seams and joints. 

This unlimited ridge tile forming machine, having beautiful appearance, is used for not only both large and small projects, but also the rain proofing and waterproofing projects.

Main Technical Specification:
1. Size: 3500mm × 800mm × 1100mm
2. Total weight: about 1200KG
3. Power: 1.5KW
4. Working speed: 20000mm/min

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