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Low Pressure PU Foam Machine

1. The low pressure polyurethane foam machine, controlled by PLC, has the advantages of high accuracy, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
2. After finishing the pre-set first injection, the alarming relay will give alarms.
In order to have various thermal insulation purposes, this low pressure polyurethane foam machine can be used for continuously injection rigid or soft polyurethane foam.

Technical Specification:
1) Main pump motor power: 5.5Kw
2) Mixing motor power: 0.55kW
3) Hydraulic pump motor power: 2.2Kw

4) Auto glue filling motor power: 1.5Kw (two set for two tanks)
5) Flux: 5~30kg per minute
6) Capacity of the tanks for polyurethane glue: 180kg each, auto filling glues

Low Pressure PU Foam Machine

7) PLC automatic control: PLC programmable, automatically heating, injecting, cleaning and blowing; Special PLC system from Chinese domestic which can save 99 programs.
8) Equipped piston type counting pump: HJ30-50 (two), adjusting accuracy 0.05%.
9) Generating pressure: 8-10MPa (one 0.8 m3 air compressor is equipped by buyer)
10) Machine weight: about 800kg
11) Dimension: 1370mm x 1350mm x 2250mm

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