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ABM K Span Machine

Because of different feeding width and effective width the ABM k-span roll forming machine can be divided in to 16 types as follows:

The ABM k-span roll forming machine is one kind of k-span machine. It is composed of decoiler, straight panel forming unit, and other accessories.
1. The K-span, equipped with a power set, can automatically transport the colored steel sheet.
2. Similar to the USA machine, this equipment improved the hydraulic cutting system to electric mould cutting system so that oil leakage of the arch sheet forming machine can be avoided.
3. Adjustment of curving degree on this machinery is easy to operate because of using hand wheel and counter so that the accuracy is also ensured.

4. The rollers of this arch roof forming machine are made of good steel, and then are coated with chrome. So this equipment has good performance of corrosion resistance.

This ABC k-span roll forming machine can be used for site working. Using this machinery can use in the construction of warehouses, workshops, hangars, and also in the production of boats, vehicles, and highway guardrails, etc.

The Typical One Main Technical Specification as follows:
CS-600-305 K-Span machine:
Size: 9000mm × 2250mm × 2300mm   
Total Weight: about 13000KG
Main Motor Power: 16.5KW forming power is 5.5kw
Bending power is 4.0kw
Cutting power is 4.0kw
Conical power is 3.0kw
Working Speed: Straight sheet: 15m/min
Arch sheet: 13m/min
Sewing: 6m/min
Material of rollers: 45# steel, quenched HRC 58-62
Material of roller shafts: 45# steel, adjusted
Material of cutting blade: Cr12 steel (Taiwan Airline Technique)
Controlling system: PLC
Step of rollers: 13 steps
Feeding Width: 600mm
Effective Width: 305mm
The depth of the groove: 140mm
Thickness of the coil: 0.6-1.5mm
Operating factor of the panel: 51%
Proper span: ≤24m

Our company manufactures ABM k-span roll forming machine, for the roll forming industry. An entire line can be automated with rapid change features to switch from one profile to another at the push of a button and all ABM k-span roll forming machine from Changsheng Company come with plug and play features for easy and quick installation. So if you are interested in our ABM k-span roll forming machine, please contact us.

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