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Ultimate Building Machine (UBM Machine)

The ultimate building machine (UBM machine) can be divided into 3 types according to the different feeding width and effective width as follows:

The UBM ultimate k-span building machine, integrating advanced technology, can be controlled by microprocessor. This equipment can produce straight and curved panels from the same steel sheet. It has unique production structure, so that it require no beams, trusses, columns, nuts, bolts, fastener, screws of sealants. The main equipment is made of decoiler, main forming machine, hydraulic pressing, hydraulic cutting, product stand, hydraulic system, electric system.

1. The ultimate building machine (UBM machine) is maintenance-free.
2. This equipment has good performance of watertight, rust-free and fireproof. Even if under the severe weather conditions (heavy snow and typhoons), the ultimate k span building machine from Changsheng Company can still work well.

The typical one Main Technical Specification as follows:
CS-600-305 Ultimate Building Machine (UBM Machine):
Size: 11000mm×2300mm×2300mm
Total Weight: about 20000KG
Main Motor Power: 19.0KW forming power is 7.5kw; bending power is 5.5kw; cutting power is 3.0kw; conical power is 3.0kw
Material of rollers: 45# steel, quenched HRC 58-62
Material of roller shafts: 45# steel, quenched HRC 58-62
Material of cutting blade: Cr12 steel
Step of rollers: 13 steps
Number of Roller: about 350 pieces
Feeding Width: 600mm
Effective Width: 305mm
Thickness of the coil: 0.6-1.5mm
Control System: automatic
Controlling the straight forming and arching with computer
Gear/Sprocket driving: 13 stations to form
Passive decoiler: Double
Max. Capacity: 5000kgs suitable for trailer carrying
Electric Standard: 380V / 50 HZ / 3 PHASES
Type of cutting: Roll-formed and length-set cutting
Ship Container: 40x 1. 20 x 1
Operating factor of the panel: 51%
Three Axles, Ten Wheels in total, with 180°turning in one end.

At Changsheng, we service a multitude of ultimate building machine (UBM machine) - any profile that needs metal bending is a project we want to assist with. We are a custom K-span building machine manufacturer and supplier in China. And through this web site, you will learn and understand how to choose the most suitable supplier to make you a K span machine.

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